Elinor Ostrom was awarded the 2009 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel.

Fall 2010
  • SOS3001 Lecture on Institutionsal Theory 9 Sept 2010

  • Documents for SOS3508 Institutions and institutional design

  • Class starting 26 August 08:15 in Room 0108 at Dragvoll campus

    Requirements and reading list 2010

    Time schedule for the fall term

    Introduction to the class

    Notes on world problems

    Landskapets resiliens (In Norwegian)

    Notes on chapters 1-4 in Ostrom 2005

    Notes on chapters 1-17 in Elster 2007

    Notes on Stinchcombe 1997

    Notes on North 2005

    Notes on Rothstein 2005

    Notes on Henrich and Henrich 2007

    Lecture on Designing Law

    Lecture on Law as a source of data

    Notes on chapters 5-7 in Ostrom 2005

    Notes on chapters 8-9 in Ostrom 2005

    Notes on chapters 18-26 in Elster 2007

    Elster presentations
    Anne Sigrid Haugset: Notes on Chapter 21 Trust in Elster 2007

    Anneli Schedin Leiulfsrud: Notes on Chapter 22 Social Norms in Elster 2007

    Anna Cecilia Rapp: Notes on Chapter 23 Collective Belief Formation in Elster 2007

    Monica Nordvåg Steen: Notes on Chapter 25 Collective Decision Making in Elster 2007

    Jens Petter Kirkhus Johansen: Notes on Chapter 26 Organizations and Institutions in Elster 2007