Elinor Ostrom in Trondheim

  • Trondheim 2008: Elinor Ostrom awarded the honorary Doctor of Philosophy degree from NTNU

  • Introductory remarks at the award ceremony by Erling Berge

  • Official pictures from the award ceremony

  • Berge's pictures from 2008:
    Lecturing on the study of social-ecological systems Orange   Visiting Gråkallen Orange   Debating Cross-Disciplinary Research

  • Stockholm 2009: Elinor Ostrom awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences

  • Trondheim 2009: "Den noble allmenning". B. E. Flø and E. Berge's reaction to Elinor Ostrom's Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences (In Norwegian)

  • Stockholm 2009: Elinor Ostrom presents her Prize lecture "Beyond markets and States: Polycentric governance and Complex Economic Systems"