Fall 2004
SOS3003 "Applied statistical data analysis for the social sciences"

  • SOS3003 / SOS316 Examination questions: Fall 2004,

  • Suggested solutions for the examination questions (in English): Fall 2004,

  • Lectures and seminars on Wednesdays 0815-1200 in Auditorium D12, Dragvoll.
    PC exercises on Tuesdays 0815-10 and 1015-1200 (2 groups) in PC-lab 10349, directed by Terje Eikemo
    The term paper (semesteroppgåva) is due on 30 November, and the written examination occurs on 10 December.
    SOS3003 syllabus fall 2004/ SOS3003 undervisningsplan for haustsemesteret 2004

    SOS3003 Information about the term paper, variables, datafile, etc.
    SOS3003 Requirements for the term paper (på engelsk) / Krav til semesteroppgåva (in Norwegian)

    SOS3003 Lecture notes fall 2004

    SOS3003 Data for examples and test questions in L.Hamilton's textbook (zip-archive with *.por files for SPSS)

    SOS3003 Questions for written examination and their solutions 1995-2004: